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14 November, 2007

wobblie in the belly of the beast

Lucky me, I got to spend the day attending a conference at the American Enterprise Institute, a building which is in the running for the title of "real estate with the most bad ideas generated per square foot." You'll be pleased/horrified to know that the AEI crowd is every bit a nutty as they seem to be on the editorial pages. I'm not going to go into the details of the conference here (check out the work blog tomorrow - sufficed to say, the snark will be back), but here's a few fun non-substantive details of my day to tide you over:
  • There is a delightful framed photograph of Charles Krauthammer on the way to the loo.
  • I had the pleasure of watching MoDo's research assistant fight off sleep for a good chunk of the morning.
  • There was apparently a cocktail reception at the home of one of the wingnuttier participants where, based on their presentations, I imagine some of the panelists will be smoking some good, good hash

Admittedly, I was worried that entering the hallowed home of neoconservatism my thinking might have been subtly altered, But Overall My Brain Is Running All Normal.



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