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04 November, 2007

Having my cake and eating it too

I spent my weekend in Ottawa at a swanky hotel right across the canal from Parliament, attending a conference on defending academic integrity. It was awesome. Now, I have been around academic superstars before, and I've been around committed unionists, but rarely have they been one and the same people. At this conference, I was rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in international public interest scholarship from a variety of fields (including the author of some of the seminal papers for my medical sociology studies), all of whom were (for the most part) hard-core faculty unionists. My job is pretty sweet, but this weekend, it was labor nerd/straight-up nerd heaven.

Of course, outside of the hobnobbing, who was I hanging out with? You guessed it, grad students.

That said, I'm tired tonight, what with the staying up late drinking with interesting people and all, so I'm going to put off the PRM until tomorrow evening.



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