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11 November, 2007

Thank you

Apropos of nothing except maybe feeling a little sentimental and, um... checking my technorati links, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who stop by here to check on my latest spleen venting, bambino posting, punk rocking, or plain babbling. Blogging is a kind of narcissistic venture - I mean really, why would I expect that anyone who didn't know me would have any interest in what I have to say? But there's a great deal of satisfaction - and humility - in knowing that through the vast howl of electrons, people stumble upon this little outpost on the edge of the blogosphere and like what is there. So I just wanted to take a little time to recognize some friends who've made my rambling on about this and that worthwhile.
  • Jon Swift - My first brush with internet infamy came from a much too literal reading of Monsieur Swift's parody. He's that good. But Jon has been exceedingly kind in linking to some of my writing and I recently discovered that he nominated in the "Best of the Rest" category for the 2007 Weblog Awards. Which is humbling, to say the least.
  • Skippy - A lot of what I learned about internet snark came from reading skippy and his merry band of malcontents. Skippy recently recommended his readers stop in and say hi, which is high praise indeed from a blog that's been featured on both CNN and Jon Stewart.
  • The (soon-to-be not-so) Anonymous Lobbyist - Not only a first-rate cynic but an engaging personal blogger taboot, I'm always appreciative when she brings her chops to come play in the comments. And now she's on her way to the big-time... sniff, the grow up so fast, don't they?

Even nearer-and-dearer to my heart are the regulars 'round these parts, friends who I've known off-line but who are excellent bloggers in their own right. First and foremost, two folks who I literally would not be where I am today if it weren't for them (of course, physically, I am in DC, so you get the blame as well!).
  • Dave - Other than my wife, I've spent more time with Dave than anybody else over the last five years, times ranging from nail-biting anxiety in caucuses to belly-aching hilarity, with those times skewing mostly towards the latter. Reading his blog allows me to keep those good times alive and reminds me of what best friends are all about.
  • Ash - I practically begged ash to get me involved with the GTFF when I first got to grad school. She hooked me up with AGEL. She helped plan the Worst. GTFF Event. Ever. with me (and, as I recall, got really pissed at me on that day) that led to my meeting ms. wobs. In two words, "me likey."

I have a special place in my heart for anthropologists, especially pattyjoe, who's been a brother-in-arms, a link back to my intellectual past, and my source for new music, and jen, who shared an office and lent an ear through one of the weirder years of my life teaching in women's studies. I'd be totally remiss in not mentioning courtney, who when I first met her was totally adverse to the whole union thing but then became one of the most talented union leaders I've had the pleasure of knowing.

To the lads from the GEO - dr (and his crew) write some of most consistently funny shit on the internet (and right now he's in the running for comment of the year with this little bon mot). Meanwhile, Mike always reminds me on the one hand why I loved sociology so much, and on the other, why I'm glad I didn't follow that path.

If you're not already reading these folks blogs, you should. They're all good peeps and are writing fantastic things.

A special thank you goes to ms. wobs, who not only tolerates the late nights I spend on the blog, but loves me all the me for it. She gets to comment off-line, if you know what I mean.

And finally, to all the lurkers I know who regularly check-in, I know you're there, and I totally appreciate you coming by, but would it kill you to leave a comment every now and again? I mean, c'mon!

Thanks to everyone for reading. medulla noodle has become an avocation which has truly taken on a life of it's own and I'm really fortunate and happy that so many people have become a part of it. Who knew that getting kind of drunk and typing out whatever came into my head could be so fulfilling? Besides James Joyce?

Okay - with that little bit of red-wine sentimentalism out of the way, I promise to be back with more snark soon. Thanks again.



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