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12 November, 2007

Bust out the corn liquor, it's Punk Rock Monday

Good things come from Austin, TX, and I first saw these particular good things open up for the Butthole Surfers in the early 90s. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a bluegrass band when I arrived, but damn did they rip shit up – they totally won the crowd over. Having a punk-as-fuck name like the Bad Livers never hurts. The Livers are a band I recommend to everyone – never have I seen a group of musicians so willing to take chances and incorporate so many different sounds. From bluegrass to punk to jazz to klezmer to techno to norteño to straight ahead rock, the Bad Livers were fearless innovators making some kickass music.

From 1991, a Motorhead/Johnny Cash medley, “Jail Bait/Ring of Fire”

From some of the last shows they played in 1999, “Turpentine Willie”

Danny Barnes is still making music up in Seattle now, and here he is playing some Livers’ tunes with the Danny Barnes Collective in 2006, “Fist Magnet/Losin’”


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