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28 January, 2008

Punk Rock Monday

Okay... a show of virtual hands. Does anyone not have fond memories associated with the Violent Femmes? For me, the Femmes are one of the few things than can evoke downright nostalgia for my adolescence - the confused nauseau before I asked a girl out on a date, the euphoria of surreptitiously sipping a booze cocktail pilfered out of eight different bottles from someone's parents' liquor cabinet, lazy summer days around the lake, late night drives back from Knoxville chewing Big Red to try to hide the beer smell on our breath. The Femmes were there for all of that, and they still evince the good-natured innocence of a time that can't be recaptured.

"Add It Up"

"Blister In The Sun"

"American Music"



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