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14 January, 2008

Punk Rock Monday

Hey! Did you know Dave Grohl was in a band before the Foo Fighters? They were even pretty good!

Levity aside, there’s not too much I can add to the encomiums surrounding Nirvana other than I’m surprised at how well there music has stood up over the past 15 years. As I age and continue to listen to them, I’m constantly amazed at how much I’m able to still discover and take from these tunes.

“Negative Creep” (for Dave)

If your feeling adventurous, you should check out the late 80s mullet-version of that tune – still rockin’, but way, way more hair.

“On A Plain”

And finally, a cover of David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World” not from the Unplugged appearance



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