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02 January, 2008

May as well

Since it's "game on" starting tomorrow, I may as well issue the coveted medulla noodle presidential endorsement, unsurprising as it may be for most of you. On February 12, should he still be in the running, I'll be pulling the lever (voting in an actual polling place! How quaint! God I miss vote-by-mail!) for John Edwards. I'll summarize my reasoning by simply stating, "What Amanda sez." She pretty much nails my thinking on the matter.

My heart-of-hearts wants to vote for the short vegan from Cleveland, but pragmatism dictates I go with the person closest to my values with the best chance of getting the nod.

Please note: Endorsement may be void after February 5, and as soon as January 8. Endorsement only valid in participating locations.

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