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20 March, 2007

There's your problem right there

Some time ago, I took umbrage with David Horowitz for singling out Willamette University as a den of leftist indoctrination, even with the green, gold, and Commie Pink state school sixty miles south harboring one of his most dangerous professors and sanctioning Jesus-with-a-Boner. I mean, who do we have to sleep with at the David Horowitz Freedom Center to get a little right-wing hate around here?

But I digress.

So I ask myself again, why Willamette University? Could it be because it's located directly across the street from the Oregon State Capitol, providing a nice piece of visual rhetoric for some red-faced Republican as he gesticulates wildly to that place, not of education, but of indoctrination, a stone's throw from where they deliberate during the debate on these monstrosities?

And if that is the case, should someone point out that Willamette U. is a private university, such that the state really has no business telling them what they can or can't have in their curriculum?

ABOR has come to Oregon, friends. Let's make sure this thing never sees the light of day.

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