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12 March, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam

  • The boy and I took a nice trip to Waldport this weekend to hang with friends. Eight weeks of disciplined healthy eating were unceremoniously trashed in a 36 hour junk-food binge.
  • I took a quick paddle around Alsea Bay Saturday afternoon. Of note, a keel-less whitewater boat is damn near useless trying to paddle against the wind and tide.
  • On a sandbar exposed when the tide goes out, a huge pack of sea lions laid at rest. We decided to paddle close enough to get a good look. As we approached, two or three dozen of the critters pulled themselves into the water. As we drifted past, they were poking their heads out of the water and checking us out, disappearing if we maintained eye contact for more than a few seconds. It was very cool, if not a little eerie. I'm imagining this doesn't happen too much on the Potomac.
  • My nomination for Eugene's worst property manager.
  • Holy smokes, is the What It Is! boxset booty-shakingly awesome or what? It's been a while since my ass was so involuntarily moved to groovin'.



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