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19 March, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam

Loooong weekend...
  • The Ducks are going to have to play better in the first ten minutes of the game if the want to advance any further in the tournament, but we've got a few days to work on that. Until then, what a ride it's been!
  • I spent the majority of the weekend lifting heavy crap. We cleaned out the carhole, took stuff to the dump and recycling place, and hauled three cubic yards of hemlock bark (which I then had to shovel out of the truck and haul by wheelbarrow into the backyard). So, yes, you may have seen be tooling about town in a bigass, gaz-guzzling, Murican-made, green monster truck.
  • An hour in the sauna is far more satisfying after hauling mulch for three hours.
  • ms. wobs and I watched "Garden State" Saturday evening, which we both enjoyed. ms. wobs asked the important question, "Would you still be attracted to Natalie Portman if she was as crazy as she was in the movie?" The answer is an unequivocal yes.

Punk Rock Monday is going to be posted later this evening - after all that work this weekend, I kind of fell asleep a little early last evening.



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