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15 November, 2006

A friendly reminder

Lest we get too caught up in this new era of progressive politics, sane public policy, and puppy dogs and kitty cats for every boy and girl - Mike Stark offers this legitimate point:
Harry Reid is not your friend. Barak Obama isn't your pal. Barbara Boxer isn't your playmate.

I'm saying that these are the people that refused to filibuster bankruptcy reform. Every single fucking one of them voted against Kyoto. (OK, Obama wasn't there, but whatever...)

Politicians are scumbags. Every last one of the bastards. If they believed their mother's dentures would get them another 20 votes, good ol' Moms would be living on a diet of grits and applesauce.

Don't fucking trust them.

Go ahead - celebrate your wins.

But the minute we start our session, start keeping score.



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