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09 November, 2006

Damn straight

What digby sez:
I'm a little bit surprised that there hasn't been more hoopla about Pelosi breaking the big glass ceiling. (Maybe it will happen when she actually takes her place.) She's going to be third in line to the presidency, the most powerful elected woman in American history. It's a big deal --- another barrier down.

I don't think this person is going to be hampered in the exercize of leadership by the lack of a proper Republican male organ. She has metaphorical "balls" (or ovaries) the size of cantaloupes. I wouldn't underestimate her.

They are going to continue to demonize her as some sort of deranged succubus, but they'd better be careful. Lot's of women are watching and they aren't going to like her character being assassinated with thinly veiled attacks on female inadequacy or gay insinuations or any of the other usual rightwing tricks. Criticism is fine but this woman has achieved something substantial and I doubt women are going to be happy to see her demeaned by some lowlife fratboy punk with nasty, cheap shots.

Don't play the sexism card, fellas (and Ann Coulter.) At least half of the electorate sees these tired put-downs as an unpleasant reminder of the ex-boyfriend, boss or husband they'd still like to slap upside the head and there are plenty of men who cringe with embarrassment when they hear them. Remember, "proper preparation prevents poor performance."

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