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09 November, 2006

Please tell me I'm reading this wrong

I received this in my inbox this morning from an election reform listserv I subscribe to:
It is indeed fortunate that those three CD's of Diebold's source code were leaked last month, giving just enough time for hacker volunteers to devise "rubytuesdaynot", a virus rumored to have been introduced into networks of touchscreen voting machines in key states last week by election reform activists posing as Diebold technicians performing routine power-up tests at touchscreen storage warehouses. This feat will one day go down in history as a techno-political accomplishment ranking right up there with Turing's decoding of Germany's "Enigma" code in WWII. According to my sources, the code was designed to erase itself and revert back to the certified software at 1:30 am this morning so the rigging of the elections is unprovable.

I think it's rather ironic that the one state where Republicans might want a recount is Virginia, where most of the counties use electronic voting machines as shown in the map at this link (Red indicates "Electronic Voting, Touchscreen"):


So, even if the Republicans wanted a recount, it would be as impossible as the fraudulent recount in Ohio in 2004. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine, I say.
Now let me get this straight. Election "reform" activists monkey with e-voting machines during an actual election, thereby making it impossible to recount the votes in a disputed election, but because the other side will be on the short end of the stick this time, it's all right. Screw respecting the will of the voters, we've got to destroy democracy in order to save it!

Even more stupid, while I've seen confirmation of the leaking of Diebold's source code, I haven't seen any word as to this particular virus being introduced. So did the dumbass "election reform activist" who sent this e-mail actually 'fess up to knowing about the very electoral fraud he's trying to prevent being perpetrated by folks on "our" side, or is he just a tool puffing smoke out of his ass?

Either way, please get these people off of our team. The integrity of our elections are too important to have jerks like this involved.

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