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01 March, 2006

What's up with the French?

Okay, a few days ago I mentioned the poor French bloke who stumbled upon this blog after googling "huge real boobs." Which is okay, as I have used the words "huge," "real," and "boobs" at some point or another in the 100+ posts here.

So I check the Site Meter this afternoon, and yet another person has hit this blog looking for boobs, this time "Afro boobs" (which conjures up some pretty hilarious images that, had I any Photoshop/GIMP skills, I'd share with you). Okay, fair enough. Then I look where this person logged in from - you guessed it, France. I've had hits (not a lot, to be sure) from around the world, but the only two hits I get from France are looking for boobs? Odd, especially since I considered the French to be more about legs, for some reason.

Anyways, for mes amis en France, the author, manager, and sole proprietor of medulla noodle is happy to present you with - drumroll, please - Les Boobs:

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