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25 February, 2006

Brave new world of forced childbirth

In a week that has seen some pretty gruesome and fucked up news stories, the story out of South Dakota bodes the worst for American women. The South Dakota legislature has passed a bill forcing women to give birth to unwanted children, which the governor has stated that he is "inclined" to support, in an effort to force the issue before the SCOTUS in order to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Let's not mince words about this bill. It's purpose is to punish women for having sex. It turns women into walking incubators who give up any control over their bodies while they carry a fetus within them. It will kill women who are forced to seek unsanitary, back alley abortions. Welcome to the Great Leap Backwards.

Jane and ReddHedd at firedoglake have been providing their coverage par excellence of this assault on women's bodies. Check in there regularly for updates and for action you can take to help resist the efforts of the forced childbirth movement.


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