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19 February, 2006

Procrastination playlist

Okay, so I'm avoiding grading papers right now, and I can blog for real after I get through 25 of them. Sigh. Here's what popped up on the shuffle to get my morning started:
  • Power to the People – Public Enemy
  • Black's Ball – J.B. Hutto & the Hawks
  • Swedish Schnapps – Charlie Parker
  • Tejwid (Qurr'Anic Chant) – El Hajj Mohamed; Hakim Bennani
  • Cowboys and Aliens – Dept. of Energy
  • At the Movies – Bad Brains
  • Runchin Celi Asuko Dharale – [Nepalese Folk Song]
  • Forget the Flowers – Wilco
  • The Whole of the Law – Yo La Tengo
  • Think It Over One More Time – Buckwheat Zydeco


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