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14 February, 2006

Incompetent, trigger-happy boobs

I know, I know. Everyone's piling on old Dead-eye Dick and his errant slug of buckshot. And honestly, are we really suprised that Dick Cheney shot someone? Let's face it, the dude fucked up, but this sort of behavior is positively quotidian for the veep. There doesn't seem to be any point to my heaving some half-ass snark upon that heap.

But the seemingly everyday banality of Dick Cheney unloading a shotgun blast into the face of a supposed friend is the point. This is what Dick Cheney does. He recklessly and relentlessly endangers the lives of others, day in and day out. I'll let thereisnospoon bring it home:
It's a perfect analogy for the way they have conducted their entire administration--and all the biggest flaws of this presidency are on display in one little vividly portrayed story.

A little story that has tremendous sway because, let's face it: THE VICE PRESIDENT JUST ACTUALLY SHOT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. The imagery is clear and potent--and not subject to the typical political "he said, she said."

There is no way to play the usual equivocating politics with a story about the vice-president ACTUALLY SHOOTING SOMEONE.

And that's why I guarantee you this story isn't going away: It's a perfect way for the press to indict the entire Administration through the perfect metaphor.
BTW - Dick Cheney now joins Aaron Burr in the extremely exclusive club of veeps who have shot another human being while in office.

Brah. Voe.


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