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06 February, 2006

Go Stu!

I just got this from my college (Eckerd College in St. Pete, FL) alumni association:
Stuart Hyatt '97 has received a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Recording Package. His artwork for The Clouds, a collection of gospel and folk music from Alabama, is being honored.
I have many fond memories of Stu and Carlos P. strumming together at Wednesday evening coffeehouse performances. It's nice to see someone you've known succeed. I typically abhor award shows (although I'll enjoy a good Oscar party), but I might just have to tune in to see if he wins (although I'm sure this particular award is one of those they scroll through about two-thirds of the way through the show).

Stu's Grammy nomination makes for a nice little coincidence. I already happen to have met a Grammy winner: my high school sweetie's uncle won a Grammy for his photography on Suzanne Vega's album Days of Open Hand. So by that criteria, Stu's a shoo-in.


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