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30 January, 2006

Backwards to the 19th Century!

The rich, old men who comprise the Senate seemed to be having a grand old time as they cast their votes to help strike down laws protecting a woman's autonomy, worker's rights, and the environment. They seemed positively giddy as they voluntarily demoted themselves from "co-equal branch of government" to "subservient rubber stamp," what with all the smiles and backslapping going on. "Huzzah!" they shout, "Alito will get his upper-down vote! We prevailed on principle!"

Bullshit. Fucking disgusting.

To my sweetie: you were right, I was wrong. I was naively optimistic, but wrong nonetheless.

To the so-called "pro-choice" Republicans: you are lying cowards. Any shred of respect that I may have had for your "moderate" positions has vanished as a result of your prostrating yourself to the extremists of your party.

And to the 19 Dems who voted for cloture: mark my words - we will remember this vote. You've betrayed us.


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