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26 January, 2006

Stop Alito: Write your senator

I just fired off e-mails to my senators. First, to Ron Wyden:
To the Honorable Senator Wyden:

I am heartened to see that you will be opposing the nomination of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court. I am writing you to convey my strongest feelings about supporting a filibuster against this nominee. In light of the recent revelations concerning the Bush administration's warrantless "eavesdropping," as well as their seeming willingness to spin intelligence to further their political agenda, Judge Alito's opinions with respect to expansive executive powers become especially disturbing.

I understand that employing a filibuster against a president's judicial nominee is an extraordinary step, and that tradition dictates a certain amount of deference to the elected executive's nominee, even if a senator opposes the nominee. However, I believe that this deference requires the president to act in good faith. Recent events cast doubt on President Bush's motives, and the extremist views of Judge Alito clearly demand all that our Loyal Opposition can muster.

Senator Wyden, please be a leader among your colleagues. Continue to pursue the strategy of extending debate, but when the time comes to vote for cloture, please vote no. Our nation deserves a Supreme Court justice who reflects mainstream American values and who will respect the checks and balances of our Constitution.
And then to Oregon's Republican senator, Gordon Smith:
To the Honorable Senator Smith:

I am writing to urge you to oppose the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe that, whatever his qualifications (which are considerable), his views with regard to expansive executive powers are very troubling, especially given that the Bush Administration has admitted to violating the law while conducting warrantless eavesdropping operations. Judge Alito's views are far outside those of mainstream Oregonians with regards to our civil liberties.

Senator Smith, I urge you to ask President Bush to provide the Senate an opportunity to confirm a judicial nominee who reflects the values of mainstream Americans.
Quick and easy. Find your senator here and tell them what you think.


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