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21 January, 2006

Music to plug

I was lucky enough to get out to see a show last night (a rare occurence these days, what with the little wobs and all). I headed down to John Henry's and witnessed the purifying rock of Dan Jones and the Squids, a fantastic local band (who happen to feature my friend Patty Joe on guitar), and the Dept. of Energy out of Seattle. Both bands deserve your look-see. The Squids are a Crazy Horse powered outfit that add a glorious buzz to Dan's literate vocals, and the Dept. of Energy has a California pop sound that straddles the border between Brian Wilson's most inspired work and the dark brooding of the Doors. Good stuff, to be sure.

Next up for me and mrs. wobs, Jeff Tweedy on February 4th - and we all know how good that's going to be.


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