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28 January, 2006

Odds and ends

I'm going to be jamming on knocking out a dissertation proposal draft for the next few days, so chances are I won't be updating for a few. To tide you over, here's a few random tidbits:
  • georgia10 has started updating her blog again, and it's promising to be a font of information regarding the Bush administrations warrantless eavesdropping. Do check it out.
  • I know everyone's fretting about Alito's seemingly inevitable confirmation. A couple of points. He ain't been confirmed yet, and until the cloture vote happens, a filibuster is possible. Make the Republicans sweat. And if, if Alito is confirmed and his SCOTUS opinions turn out to be every bit as odious as we predicted, we'll make the Republicans pay at the ballot box for a generation. To paraphrase Paul Newman: sometimes nothing's a pretty cool hand.

Okay, a very few random tidbits.


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