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01 February, 2006

TN Guerilla Women make me homesick

I grew up in Tennessee, but left as soon as I graduated high school - a fact which has grown bittersweet over the years. At any rate, my peers growing up were all fairly liberal (with a few libertarian conservative types thrown in), and for the most part, they all fled hither and yon. Subsequent trips home to be with my family have made me realize how conservative the town I grew up in has become (or may it's always been that way). Every now and again, even though I love Tennessee and its people, I'm ready to write the place off. I mean, Bill Frist people. Bill Fucking Frist. Agh.

But every now and again, a ray of sunshine breaks through giving you hope for the future:
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Bless y'all. Moments like these make me really miss my home.


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