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01 February, 2006

What I did instead of watching the SOTU

Yeah, go ahead and flip me shit about not caring enough to watch Dear Leader's Big Talk. I didn't miss anything other than his standard captive audience speech of the last four months, microwaved on "high" for 90 seconds. And apparently, those 51 minutes that nobody can have back did little to cover up the heaps of shit in which Bushco and the rest of the GOP find themselves.

Nope, I did some other things:
  • We had a nice family dinner. Food tastes a lot better when you're not fighting down the bile.
  • I played with the wee lad. Spending time with someone you really love puts you on top of the world. Spending time watching a bunch of mindless jackasses applauding the village idiot makes you feel like kicking puppies. And I don't want to be a puppy-kicker.
  • We listened to some music. And mercifully not one lyrical reference to "staying the course" or "Septembruh Levunth."

As a result, I am now tanned and well-rested, ready to face the evening with vim and vigor, and I sport a healthy, shiny coat. Yeah, I took a chance that Bush might use the SOTU to apologize for screwing up the country and announce his resignation, but my gamble paid off, and I won't have that wretched hangover tomorrow morning.

[update]: Josh Marshall finds the SOTU insufferable as well.


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