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26 February, 2006

Things I'm over

  • Rising with the son/sun - and as the morning breaks earlier and earlier, I imagine I'll get even more over it.
  • Grad school - the thought of working my ass off and racking up even more debt for the next three years, all for a shot at three faculty positions in places I wouldn't visit, much less live, isn't exactly motivating.
  • The cold - we were teased with a week's worth of gorgeous weather, prompting the daffodils and crocuses to bloom, and then were crushed with 10 days of 40°F highs and sub-freezing lows. Give me my springtime showers, punctuated by sunbreaks, all at a balmy 60°F.
  • Not kayaking - I just missed an epic winter season, and the spring snowmelt will be here soon, but all the sudden, my kayaking buddies (okay, one in particular, the other two have a very good excuse) get motivated to do work. Feh.
  • The Office moving to Thursday nights - there are very few shows on network tv I like, and this is one of them. Now they're on Thursday, which is my one "night-on-the-town" during the week, and even if that weren't the case, CSI is on during that time slot, and the last time I challenged ms. wobs over the remote control on a Thursday, you could see the bruising for weeks (that's a joke - ms. wobs is very careful to ensure the bruising isn't visible to y'all;).
  • People who control all three branches of government acting like victimized crybabies.
  • "Keeping our powder dry."
  • Coldplay - I was never into them to begin with, but man, can you say overexposed?
  • Post-Sgt. Pepper Beatles - that's not to say I don't love it still, but right now, I'm finding their earlier music much more interesting from an artistic standpoint. Their expansion and ultimate subversion of the pop idiom is present even in such simple tunes as "Please Please Me" and "Love Me Do."
  • Dave being in Italy - why should those espresso sippin', Gucci wearin', Fiat drivin' Italians get to enjoy him while we Muricans - his peeps, dammit! - have to go cold turkey?
  • Being disappointed by the Cubbies - this is our year.
  • Making lists about things I'm over.


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