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06 February, 2008

Little boys who refuse to grow up

This is surely taking the baseball memorabilia thing too seriously:
Brian McNamee has given federal investigators bloody gauze pads and syringes he said he used to inject Roger Clemens with steroids and human-growth hormone in 2000 and 2001, a lawyer familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

Blue dresses, bloodied syringes. What's up with the obsession with famous people's precious bodily fluids?
Clemens’s Washington attorney, Lanny Breur, issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon that contended that the notion that McNamee had saved gauze pads and syringes for seven years “defies all sensibility.”

“It is just not credible — who in their right mind does such a thing?” Breur said.

To answer your question, either someone who's going to have a Hall of Fame caliber collection of doping products or someone who knew the risks of what he was doing and wasn't about to be taken down alone.

Hardball, indeed.

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