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18 November, 2007

Doorstop of the damned

I was moving our books from the basement up into our attic today and stumbled upon my copy of Istvan Meszaros' Beyond Capital, a weighty volume of social theory which I had to read parts of for a graduate seminar some years ago. To quote one reviewer of this book, "This is an important book, heavy in size and tone. It belongs in every serious library." ms. wobs and I do like to keep a serious library, and I'm glad that my ownership of this tome confirms the gravity of our literary collection.

You will note, however, that the review doesn't say you have to actually read the book. I'm sure you're expecting me to give you some sort of synopsis as to what lies between the covers, but I honestly have no idea. It was the one book in my social theory seminar that I couldn't bring myself to read. It's the Finnegan's Wake of theory texts. It has, however, enriched my life by a) certifying the seriousness of my library and b) contributing the phrase, "Dude, that's so beyond capital" to my repertoire of witty intellectual banter.



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