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31 December, 2006


After reading this post from digby, the thought occurred to me: the most recent deaths of Republican presidents have come at politically opportune times. On the eve of a Democratic majority in Congress, we are being reminded of the "forgive-and-forget" good vibes of the mid 1970s, the need to sweep criminality under the rug and just "move on" with the important business of committing more crimes against the people of the United States and the world. How convenient for the gang in power, facing subpoenas for the first time in six years.

Now, recall that Reagan passed away in early June, 2004. At this point, John Kerry had the primaries sewn up, and in the run-up to the convention would be conducting his get-to-know-me charm offensive and high-profile VP search, all trying to generate positive media coverage. The (weeks and weeks of the) Reagan funeral effectively sucked the air out of the room during an important period of his candidacy.

Even in death, serving the interests of the GOP, eh?

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