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09 April, 2006

Pray your kids' camp counselors don't have Republican legislators for parents


Ho. Lee. Shit:
A 19 and 17 year old from Arizona, have been offered a plea deal which requires no jail time and virtually no penalty for crimes they admitted to commiting. What were these crimes?

As counselors at a boys camp, the 19 and 17 year old punished 18 of the 11-14 year old boys by making them lay face down on their bed, in front of all the other boys, shoving a broomstick into their anus through their pants. Eighteen 11-14 year olds! And, no penalty despite the parents outrage.

One may ask how this could happen. It is really quite simple. The 19 year old, [Clifton] Bennett, is none other than the son of Arizona's Senate President, Ken Bennett, a Republican who is part of the effort to ban equal rights for same-sex couples in the state, viewing same-sex relationships as immoral.

After his son's admission, Bennett wrote a letter to the D.A. handling the case informing her that his son could not rightfully serve time in jail, because he is prepared to leave the country on a mission - to teach the word of Christ to youth around the world.
A more detailed account can be found here by Desert Rat Democrat. I don't know who's the sicker fuck here - the privileged, abusive brats hired on as camp counselors, the self-righteous "christian" father who feels that the rules shouldn't apply to his family, or the spineless D.A. cowed by such an immoral prick.


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