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08 April, 2006

Drunken Friday night playlist

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Back from the celebrations earlier than most, but when the celebration starts at 5 PM, you gotta figure five hours of partying is a respectable amount for the over-educated, under-paid father of a toddler. And this playlist was just too good not to post:
  • Hamp's Hump - Galactic
  • World Leader Pretend - REM
  • Cold Sweat, Pt. 1 - James Brown
  • Uncle Bud - Boozoo Chavis & the Majic Sounds
  • Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me - Duke Ellington
  • Suddenly Everything Has Changed - Flaming Lips
  • Fylke Danse - Norskedalen Trio (Polka, biznits!)
  • Friend of the Devil - Rice, Rice, Hillman, & Pedersen
  • Rocky Road Blues - Bill Monroe
  • Purr - Sonic Youth
And, just for the good folks at 3544, your bonus track, number eleven:
  • Boplicity - Miles Davis


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