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06 April, 2006

Don't let David Horowitz edit your work!

Yeah, we already knew he was a hack, but it turns out that Horowitz is also a hella lousy editor. From our man at the AFT in D.C.:
In researching the remarkable number of glaring errors in the profile on Professor George Wolfe at Ball State University in The Professors, it came to our attention that Horowitz enlisted another Ball State student, Kyle Ellis, to write a story about Professor Wolfe. Mr. Ellis submitted his story for publication on Horowitz’s website,, but the piece that was published under his name bore little resemblance to what Ellis submitted.

According to Ellis, the article published in FrontPageMag under his name "was 100 percent different than the story that I wrote. FPM essentially took the gist of my article, completely re-wrote it in a much more inflammatory tone and then attributed it to me without my consent."
That's what they all say. They all say, "D'oh!"

Ah, Horowitz. I'd say he was the gift that keeps on giving if I didn't have to fight back the vomit every time I had to read one of his vile rants. You can keep up with the fight against his freakshow at Free Exchange on Campus.


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