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21 December, 2005

Just a wee little rant

I'm sorry, but Bill O'Reilly really is the dumbest motherfucker this side of... no, he really is just the dumbest motherfucker.

Check out this screed written on December 18 (you may have to scroll down a bit, and you'll definitely need a shower afterwards). His whole War on Christmas is asinine. Does he walk out in the real world? Has he experienced a rabid "secular-progressive" telling him to take his "Merry Christmas" and shove it up his ass?

And he's riled up because retailers greet their customers with "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". As if Christians are the only ones who shop in December. And honestly, let's get down to the real travesty: isn't exploiting a high religious holy day, a day that commemorates the birth of a person who over 1 billion people believe to be the son of God, for profit the real shame? Really, what the fuck is wrong with us Americans that we celebrate all of our holidays, civic and religious, with sales? Savior's birth? Run up those credit cards! Slain civil rights leader's birth? Buy a new car with no money down!


C&L has this Daily Show clip which skewers O'Reilly, which, frankly, is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.


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