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22 December, 2005

Coming Soon: Wednesday Night Music Review

Stay tuned to this virtual space: in two weeks, the Wednesday Night Music Review will make its grand premiere. I'll plumb (wink, nod Gertie and Bry-an) the depths of my extensive album and live performance catalog to deliver the scoop on some truly great music that I'll hope you enjoy. Contemporary and classics, they'll be here. Starting on January 4.

That's all the blogging you'll get from me tonight. I'm a little too drunk to keep typing [update 12/22/05 1:18 AM PST: apparently not. Drunk bloggin'! w00t!]. Happy Solstice to all! May your days continue to get brighter until, say, mid-June, when I hope they start getting darker again. Seriously. Otherwise it's safe to say that we're all fucked.


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