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17 December, 2007

Punk Rock Monday

The soundtrack to any number of adolescent evenings where I snuck out of the house to join friends, drink liquor pilfered from our parents, and smoke bad weed. The Dead Milkmen were the soundtrack to those good times...

From a 2004 reunion show, "Serrated Edge," "Where the Tarantula Lives," and "Lucky"

The classics "Punk Rock Girl" and "If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire"

With that, PRM is going on vacation until the New Year. We can't help it - vacation was applied for, and it's in its contract that we have to grant it. PRM will be spending the holidays in the Bahamas, while the rest of us are stuck pretending to enjoy visiting our relatives. Happy Holidays, PRM, you lousy piece of shit!



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