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12 December, 2007

A bathroom moment I wish you all could have shared

I don't think of myself as some sort of backwoods rube. While my tastes might trend towards the more downscale, I have some sense of sophistication. I have a developed taste for high end whiskey and good beer. I know my salad fork from my dinner fork from my dessert fork. But this evening, I came face to face with a phenomenon which marked me as so not the urban sophisticate.

I attended a holiday party at a trendy bar here in DC. When I was ready to leave, I wanted to attend to nature's call before taking the train ride home. Upon arriving in the facilities, I spent a good minute staring at a trough. Was it a urinal or a fountain? It was a wall of shimmering water cascading down upon some decorative looking rocks. Why would they place such a nice art fountain in the bathroom? Why would a urinal look so refined?

Confused, I ended up opting to pee in the standard issue crapper - better to go with (in) what you know than end up having someone walk in on you taking a leak in the ambiance.



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