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24 October, 2007

In heaven there is no beer

Oh my lord, the Brickskeller is a beer drinkers paradise. Tonight, I had an insane imperial pilsner which was everything you'd expect - light, crisp, and highly drinkable - but with a whopping 10% ABV. Nice. I also had a Rogue Hop Heaven, which apparently had hops hand-picked by specially-bred children that were transported on a silk pillow for the dry-hopping process. Whatever the kids in Newport did, they made a fantastic hoppy ale that has that wonderful eyes-rolling into the back of the head quality, without sacrificing complexity of flavor. On top of that, we were treated to (as part of the session) an awesome Brooklyn Brewery German-style lager (a little on the sweet side, with some interesting spice notes) and a smoke cask Arrogant Bastard. I've typically avoided the Bastard, as it tends to put an early end to my evenings, but the smoke cask version was something else.

Oh, and I learned some philosophy. Something about compatiblism and David Hume. All I know, is that if we were given free will, we created beer, and that's good. And if everything is determined, then we were supposed to create beer, and that's good. Isn't philosophy grand?

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