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09 September, 2007

Sunday Night Bambino Blogging

When Mark and Mara visited a few weeks back, we took some time to go down to the National Botanical Gardens. In there, they have a kids area where the young 'uns can dig, water, and generally cause a mess, thus keeping them out of the more manicured areas of the nursery. l'il wobs has always enjoyed gardening, and it seems to bring out his pensive side. Here he is captured in a moment of thought, undoubtedly doing the mental work for his next dastardly scheme:

BTW - Punk Rock Monday is going to be posted a little late this week, as the inimitable ms. wobs and I went to a party tonight. And yes, I know it was just last week that I was posting a "pity poor wobs" piece lamenting my lack of social life. Things change, and it's been a good week.

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