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02 September, 2007

More pros/cons

ms. wobs and I don't have the cleanest language. We're not excessive in our swearing, but we don't bat an eyelash at dropping the f-bomb when it's appropriate. It's something of which we're oftentimes not even aware. Unfortunately, l'il wobs has picked up on some of our more creative phrases. We're not trying to exacerbate the situation by scolding him, thus providing him with a forbidden pleasure guaranteed to push our buttons, but we are trying to broaden his palette with some milder words. He's slowly acquiring the vocabulary of a Depression-era sharecropper from Smyrna, GA.

Pros: Language prodigy that he is (and that's not just parental bragging), l'il wobs always uses his swear words sparingly in the proper context and fashion.
Cons: He's a fucking dadgum three-year old.

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