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01 September, 2007

Stick to the sports

I'm watching the Tennessee v. California game (Go Vols!). Some of you may know that there's a tree-sit going on outside Memorial Stadium in Berkeley to prevent the University of California from cutting down a grove of oak trees to make way for a $125 million athletics center.

How does the crack ABC commentary team of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit handle it? Aside from the predictable "only in Berkeley" yucks, Herbstreit is amazed that there are people actually living in trees! Meanwhile, Musburger goes on a vitriolic tirade about how the university has pledged to plant three trees for everyone they cut down, which should more than satisfy those aging hippie treehuggers, so stick that in your goddamned peace pipe and smoke it. And I'm almost quoting Musburger verbatim.

I'll politely request that the ESPN/ABC sports squads kindly refrain from the political commentary. You're kinda ruining my football game.

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