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25 September, 2007

Facts, schmacts

As we continue our investigation into the use of powerful, hallucinatory horse tranquilizers by prominent... uh, well-known... ok, dime-a-dozen right-wing hacks, we stumble across the sad case of Dennis Prager who, when not drooling on himself as he lolls around in a stupor, is engaged in a nonsensical diatribe against the truthlessness of "the Left":
In the hierarchy of leftist (as opposed to traditional liberal) values, truth is below other values, such as equality, opposition to war, the promotion of secularism and a number of other highly regarded values on the Left.

Wait a minute... you mean to tell me he's sober and he actually believes this shit? Well, he's got to have something to back it up, right?
The first example is what is known as political correctness. Leftist denial of what is true is so widespread that we have a term for it, political correctness. There is no comparable right-wing political correctness, i.e., denying truths so as not to offend right-wing values or certain groups.

He's right, there's no such thing as political correctness on the Right. Why, they would never spew hypocritical outrage over an ad criticizing war leaders (while they themselves slimed military veterans of the opposition party). Nor would the Right seek to intervene in the highly personal individual decisions around end-of-life issues in order to appease their base. They would under no circumstances try to file a harassing lawsuit that would cost the job of a professor who believed that teaching the Old Testament story of creationism as literal truth was inappropriate for a course on Western Civilization. And, of course, the Right always tells the truth about Iraq. Everything's great, and getting better all the time! Nope, not one bit of political correctness at all.
Textbooks. A prime example of the Left's view of truth is its changing the goal of high school American history textbooks from telling truth to promoting self-esteem among minority and female students by depicting more women and more non-whites in American history textbooks.

Yet another valid point. Discussing the contributions of Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, and Martin Luther King Jr. aren't really "telling truth" so much as they're feel-good exercises in morale building. We all know that women and minorities have contributed absolutely nothing to this country!
"Bush is a liar." Currently, the most widely repeated lie of the Left is that President George W. Bush lied about Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is repeated so often ("Bush lied, people died") that many Americans now believe this. But it is not true. There were valid reasons for anyone to believe that Saddam Hussein had WMD. Saddam had used them in the past; he refused to allow unfettered inspections; he was the major foreign sponsor of Palestinian terror; and most important, virtually all Western intelligence agencies believed Saddam had WMD.

Of course he didn't lie! Bush believed - and still believes - every damn word he's uttered. So saying that Bush is not a liar may be technically correct; it's much more accurate to say that Bush refused to believe reams of evidence which contradicted his myopic view. Bravo, Prager!
Callling [sic] liberals "unpatriotic." Another lie of the Left is that Republicans and conservatives regularly label opponents of the war in Iraq "unpatriotic."

Again, Dennis is dead-on. Conservatives have never called liberals unpatriotic. Treasonous, sure. Traitors, you bet. But never unpatriotic. Oh, wait...
The homeless, heterosexual AIDS, and rape. For years, mainstream leftist news media purveyed false information supplied by Mitch Snyder, the major left-wing activist on behalf of the homeless. Likewise, we were told by gay and AIDS activist groups that AIDS "doesn't discriminate," meaning that heterosexuals in America were as likely to contract the HIV virus as homosexuals. It was never true in America (Africa may be another story for other reasons). Feminist groups have offered statistics on rape and sexual violence that are patently false.

First of all, real classy pegging as a liar a man who has been dead for seventeen years. Of course, the National Coalition for the Homeless are just repeating his lies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are well known fabricators when it comes to the rates of same-sex and opposite-sex transmission of HIV, as well as sexual assault. I'm sure Dennis is going to come back here with some solid evidence that will demonstrate to us all what a bunch of truth-challenged fibbers these leftists all are. Right Dennis?


You're sure he's not 'round back snorting lines of ketamine?

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