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12 August, 2007

Virginia is for haters

You know, I really enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. But after this weekend, I have very little good to say about the rest of the state. Those of you who live in Arlington and in the Blue Ridge, please know that I still think you're peachy.

Okay, reflections on a "quick" weekend getaway to Virginia Beach:
  • The I-95 is actually a parking lot masquerading as an interstate highway. Ditto for the I-64
  • To the woman driving the car with the Human Rights Campaign sticker who somehow convinced the Virginia DMV to issue a license plate reading "CUNTY" - I doff my cap to you, even if you did just want me to "see unity"
  • The Hampton Roads beltway makes even less sense than the Capital Beltway
  • There is something deeply disturbing about drinking a tropical cocktail on a beach in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Google, Yahoo, and MapQuest all lie about travel times
  • If every summer trip to the beach is going to be as big a hassle as this one was, fuck it, I'm swearing off the beaches in this part of the country. Besides, I'm more of a mountain boy anyways, and there's water in those rivers right now

Okay, I seriously just rolled in to town about 45 minutes ago, and I'm exhausted, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow evening (again) for your PRM. If anyone has a request, pop it in the comment thread.

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