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06 August, 2007

Punk Rock Monday

By a happy coincidence, this is also the 1000th post at medulla noodle (1/10th of which actually qualify as "substantive and nutritious"). So, whatever one does to celebrate these events, knock yourself out.

Delving back in to the sXe scene, I got a chuckle watching these old 7 Seconds clips. Kevin Seconds is so earnest in his youthful anarchism that to my jaded, old 30-something eyes he comes off as charmingly naive. That said, when I met him after a show in Tampa in 1993, I do have to say he was one of the sweetest individuals I'd ever chatted with, a genuinely nice guy.

From an old Flipside video circa 1984, "Fuck Your American Life," "Drug Control," "Anti-Klan," and "Out of Touch":

"Young 'Til I Die":

And finally, as 7 Seconds took a turn towards U2 in the late 80s, "Rock Together, Walk Together":



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