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02 August, 2007

Had to start re-loading music on a new computer 'cause the old hard drive crashed playlist

I haven't done one of these in a while, and what better way to celebrate the death of a hard drive than a random 10+1 song playlist? We'll hope that the data recovery pixies can salvage something from the other 'puter...
  • Surgeon's Girl - Wire
  • Magnolia Mountain - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
  • On a Plain - Nirvana [live]
  • Don't Look Now - the Minutemen
  • Little Cream Soda - the White Stripes
  • Modern Man - Bad Religion
  • Rats - Sonic Youth
  • In the Cold, Cold Night - the White Stripes
  • Familiar Love - William Shatner
  • Brain Damage - Pink Floyd
And as always, your 80 GB bonus #11:
  • Low Side of the Road - Tom Waits



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