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08 August, 2007

Faster BlogWarBot! Kill! Kill!

In case you were hankerin' for a good old fashioned blog fight:
BlogWarBot: I'm BlogWarBot. Are you one of those radical feminists?
Guest: Nope, I'm more comfortable with the socialist-feminist label.
BlogWarBot: Do you expect a cookie just because you're more comfortable with the socialist-feminist label?
Guest: What kind of cookie?
BlogWarBot: What does that have to do with this topic?
Guest: Hey, you asked.
BlogWarBot: Stop placing your oppressive expectations on me!
Guest: Why?
BlogWarBot: What are you, some kind of provocateur?
Guest: A sexy provocateur, maybe.
BlogWarBot: Maybe? Make a decision, Senator Lieberman.
Guest: That was uncalled for.
BlogWarBot: So if I might get back to the topic, what do you think about the Ohio ballots thing?
Guest: What the hell are you talking about?
BlogWarBot: My being talking about or not is none of your business and irrelevant to ending the war.
Guest: That doesn't even make sense!
BlogWarBot: What a pompous twit you are.
Guest: I am?
BlogWarBot: Do you think I care about your being?
Guest: LOL
BlogWarBot: I'm not sure I understand how you managed to log on successfully.



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