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04 April, 2007

Through the looking glass

I honestly have no idea where to begin with this latest Horowitz screed:
As I've pointed out many times, leftists and conservatives are not parallel political communities who happen to come down on different sides of particular issues. Leftists are religious fanatics who believe they are going to change the world. Therefore they look on their political opponents as evil and treat them accordingly. Conservatives are willing to give their opponents the benefit of the doubt (often far too generously) and when they make mistakes in characterizing individuals, they are ready and willing to correct them. Leftists presume the worst in their opponents and since their agenda is to eliminate them from any argument, they think nothing of smearing and defaming them, and inventing the "facts" to substantiate their smears.

So we've been the ones cramming our religious beliefs down the nation's throats and accusing our political foes of treason for the last six years? We've been the folks "joking" about poisoning Supreme Court justices who disagree with our views? We're the ones inventing "facts" to smear our opponents? Really?


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