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31 March, 2007

¿Cuanta cuestes?

Last full day of vacation, and I'm missing my friends in PDX...
  • Learning to say "how much" in Spanish is only useful insofar as one can count higher than "diez." Taking French in high school was a mistake.

  • We took a water taxi to Yelapa, an absolutely stunning little village, on Thursday. We took a brief walk through the jungle to a little, mostly dry, waterfall, had the best food we've had the whole trip at the Vortex Café, and spent some time on a beautiful white sand beach swimming in water that was a gorgeous turquoise.

  • Many thanks to dave for recommending Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch to me. Not only is it a fantastic general primer on the English football from the late 60s to the early 90s (from the perspective of a die-hard Arsenal fan), but it's also a really touching - if not funny - personal memoir. My highest recommendations if you're looking for some nice vacation reading.

  • We ran into JE and TH on the beach yesterday afternoon. I particularly enjoyed watching JE and ms. wobs getting pummeled by a massive wave.

  • My world gets topsy-turvy come Monday.

  • We're off to haggle with vendors for gifts and souvenirs. Now would be the time for you to put in your order for cheap Mexican pharmaceuticals. You can still get 'ludes in Mexico, right?



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