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04 April, 2007

The other shoe

Poor ash - she's been so patient in dealing with my cryptical comments that I feel really awful leaving her in the dark, especially since everyone else, through the rumor mill to which they have access, has already figured things out.

So, without being too specific on the details (as the Official Word has yet to come down), I'm reasonably confident (knocking on wood) that I'll be taking a job in Washington, DC this summer and that this job will indeed involve stalking (but neither assaulting nor killing) one David Horowitz (cream-pies to the face are so 1990s). And if I'm really, really lucky, I'll be allowed to infiltrate the Freedom Center, for shits and giggles, natch.

I will, of course, be expecting visits from folks who may be visiting siblings in the area, not that I have anyone specific in mind.



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