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05 March, 2007

Soak the rich

digby has struck the populist chord with me tonight. For the last six years, the GOP and its wealthy benefactors have thrown the nastiest orgy since the good lord rained fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah, and now they want to know who is going to clean the santorum off of the suede.

So let's tax the ever-living shit out of them. Really. Tax the holy hell out of the richest .1%'s income. We'll worry about the wealth later. Let's start here. And much higher rates for the wealthiest 10% as well.

Oh, and since so many of them were so gung-ho about the Bush wars when Chicken Little was a hero for those couple of years, since so many acted as enablers to this gang of paranoid delusionists, let's draft their children.

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