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23 February, 2007

In bizarro world

It's been the Bush administration's M.O. to turn their own weaknesses into attacks on their opponents. Cheney has just taken it to stunning new heights:
Vice President Cheney today repeated his charge that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's approach toward the Iraq war would benefit al-Qaeda, saying that he was not trying to impugn the speaker's patriotism but instead hold her accountable for the consequences of her policies.


"She accused me of questioning her patriotism. I didn't question her patriotism. I questioned her judgment," Cheney said during a trip to Australia.

"If you are going to advocate a course of action that basically is withdrawal of our forces from Iraq, then you don't get to just do the fun part of that, that says, well we're going to get out and appeal to your constituents on that basis. You have to be accountable for the results..."

You'll have to excuse me for thinking that Cheney's the last person who should be giving finger-wagging lectures on accountability.

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