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20 February, 2007

In "more places people should not live"

Last week, uncle complained about subsidizing folks to live in dying rural communities. I'd like to go on record as objecting to subsidizing folks to live in places likely to be wiped off the face of the earth:
In recent years, though, the estimated storm risks soared, and homeowners' insurance premiums doubled and tripled beyond what anyone deemed tolerable.

Now the entire state is in on a vast meteorological wager.

Last month, state legislators voted in an emergency session to lower insurance rates, primarily in South Florida, by pledging tens of billions in public money to affected homeowners if a major hurricane or two strikes again.

Since neither the state's catastrophe fund nor the state-chartered insurance company has anywhere near enough money on hand to pay the claims they may now be required to pay after a major hurricane, the measure is considered a gamble, even by proponents.



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